Know the difference between precious, semi-precious and organic gemstones

To understand the difference between Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic Gemstones, we should know them separately first. Let us explain this to you.

What are the Precious gemstones?

Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic GemstonesThe precious gemstones are mined from the earth and they look valuable and highly attractive. These gemstones include diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. These gemstones are used for gaining various benefits by the people. They are also inserted into the metals like gold and silver so that they can be worn as jewelry.

Features of Precious gemstones :

  • Shine

The precious gemstones are highly shiny in nature and they are the shiniest of all the three types of gemstones.

  • Crystalline nature

The precious gemstones are the natural gemstones which have a crystalline structure and they have sharp angles on the surface.

  • Expensive

The precious gemstones are one of the expensive gemstones of all because of their finest properties.

  • Hard materials Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic Gemstones

The precious gemstones are hard in nature and they can’t be broken easily but it is possible with hammering.

What are the Semi-precious gemstones?

Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic GemstonesThe difference between the precious and semi-precious gemstone is that the semi-precious one doesn’t include the four precious gemstones. The mining and cutting process of both the gemstones are same. Excluding the diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby are all the semi-precious stones left. The opal, topaz, moonstone are examples of the semi-precious gemstones.

These are some of the features of semi-precious gemstones which you need to know.

Features of Semi-Precious Gemstones:

  • Less expensive than the precious ones

You can buy the semi-precious stones if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money because the precious stones are more expensive.

  • Less attractive than the precious ones

The semi-precious gemstones are attractive but not so much attractive to the previous ones and that’s the reason due to which they are called semi-precious.

  • Lustre and crystalline nature

The semi-precious gemstones also have luster which makes them shine. They are crystalline in nature and have sharp ends. We think now you are a little bit near to understand the difference Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic Gemstones.

What are the Organic gemstones?

Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic GemstonesThe organic gemstones are those minerals which are found in the earth but are made with the deposits of living organisms. The Ambal, copal, pearl, south sea pearl and coral are some of the examples of the organic gemstones.

Features of Organic Gemstones:

  • Smooth Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic Gemstones

The organic gemstones are smooth and slippery in nature.

  • Soft material

These are not so strong as that of the precious and semi-precious gemstones.

  • Various health benefits

The gemstones provide various health benefits if one wears them in ring or bracelet.

  • Used in rings and other jewelry

The organic gemstones are used in rings and other jewelry worn by both men and women. They are simple and classy in the appearance and that’s why people also prefer it for wearing a fashion jewelry.

Whether it is a precious gemstone, non-precious gemstone or an organic gemstone, all the gemstones have the quality of bringing prosperity in the lives of people. According to the astrologers, the gemstones should be worn by the people to bring happiness and positivity in life. The gemstones are worn by people to bring success in the different fields of life. According to the different sun signs, the astrologers suggest different kind of gemstones for each person.

The authenticity of these gemstones can be checked in the laboratories. If you are buying a gemstone, then you should make sure that you buy a gemstone with the best quality and the quality of a gemstone can be checked by its certificate of authentication. Buying a fake gemstone won’t help you in any way.


We think now you know the difference between Precious, Semi-Precious and Organic Gemstones. If you want to get the best quality of precious, semi-precious and organic gemstones, then you can contact the certified sellers of New Delhi, NCR. The Saundryamgems would provide you the best quality of gemstones at reasonable prices.

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